Clearing & Releasing Entities, Discarnate and Earthbound Souls

It’s Vital To Remove All Categories of Discarnates & Entities.

I have been doing spiritual healing and past life clearing for over a decade and when working with a client, one of the first and most important things I address is disentangling, clearing & the complete removal of the many categories of entities, discarnates, spirits, and earthbound souls.

They all carry heavy, dark, dense, discordant energy and they also have the potential to create blocks and interference to anything good that you want to create in your life.  They can even be the reason you make poor choices, have illnesses, pain, addictions and even depression.  (I am always pleased when a client reports a healing from a long standing isssue, simply from the entity clearing.)

They can invaid your thoughts, feelings and emotions. They may be that little voice egging you on to blow off work, or telling you that you are not good enough, you will never succeed, and you are a loser.

They are everywhere, not just hospitals, funeral homes & cemetarys. You can pick them up going to the shopping mall!
So now you realize why it is very important to clear & remove them on a daily basis.

Types of Discarnates & Entities:


Discarnates are souls who have left the physical body, but not the physical vibrations of the earth plane. They are also often referred to as earthbound souls, entities, spirits, ghosts or poltergeists.
After physical death the soul has a period of time to leave the earth plane. If they do not leave within that time they are stuck and cannot leave without help from an incarnated being.  This is part of my process of clearing, removing & sending them to the spiritual realms.

Other subcategories of discarnates include Discarnates in the Aura or in Possession, Discarnates in Past Lives, Discarnates in Past Lives Other Dimensions.

When I perceive Discarnates in a person’s aura or in possession,  these usually are not deliberately harmful or destructive to the client. Often the reason they are stuck in this earth reality is because of an addiction to someone or something in the physical realm.  They also may have been reluctant to transcend to the higher realms after death, because of their fear of punishment from God.
Another cause they don’t transcend could be that they don’t believe they are dead or they don’t believe in life after death. These discarnetes, can have the potential to cause difficulties, if the host is susceptable to their energy.

Discarnates in Past Lives, Discarnates in Past Lives Other Dimensions.

This category of discarnates show up while researching past lives. Accessing a past life is similar to watching a micro time in the past with a of the energies playing out.


Separates are souls who have left the physical vibration of the earth plane, however they returned and then got stuck here.

Satanics, Demonics, Dark Energies

Satanics, Demonics, Dark Energies, are discarnates who carry varying degress of dark discordant energies.

Dark Forces

Dark Forces are discarnates who band together & may deliberately try to cause problems.

Satanic Forces & Demonic Forces

Satanic Forces & Demonic Forces are discarnates that have Satanic energy who have joined together as a group to cause problems.

Other Categories of Discordant Entites

Unfortunately, there are many other types of discordant entities I have become aware of and have learned the proper methods to disentangle, delete, clear & transmute them. However, the basic information I’ve provided here will give you what you need to get started clearing entities around you & in your home.

Basic Ways to Clear & Remove Entities:

1. Doing a Ceremonial Sea Salt Sprinkling

This is an easy method. You walk around every area of your home, business and property and sprinkle sea salt in every corner.

While performing this ceremony, say the following:
“It is commanded that all Categories of Entities be Cleared & Removed, and sent them to the spiritual realm where they can be cleared and re-educated.”

2. Doing a Ceremonial Cedar & Sage Smudging

Very similar to the Salt ceremony except you use cedar & sage smudging sticks which are lit with a match and then as they begin to smolder & create smoke, you walk around every area of your home, business and property and allow the smoke to permeate every area that requires clearing. This was the way I used to clear entities before I learned the more advanced methods and I was also guided to create several clearing sprays.

3. Using a Divine Light Alchemy Clearing Spray
I have created and offer several clearing sprays that are easy to use and do not require the burning of cedar & sage, which may not be convient if clearing some areas like your office or work place. Click here to order

4. Using The Sacred Power Symbol & Spiritual Power Codes while Commanding that they be cleared and removed.

Place your hand on the Sacred Power Symbol and Use the Sacred Spiritual
Power Code 9 X 9,with the following command:
“Clear & Remove, send them to the spiritual realm where they can be
cleared and re-educated.” Follow by stating 9 times 9, nine times.

Entities and Demons Clearing: Place your hand on the Sacred Power Symbol
and Use the Sacred Spiritual Power Code 9 X 9, with the following command:

“Return to from whence you came, never to return to me of this reality again.”
State this command 3 times and then follow with stating 9 times 9, nine times.

Remember, you have the power to command and demand that they leave your environment.

To get instant access to your own copy of the Sacred Power Symbol & Spiritual Power Codes Check them out here.

 5. The most efficient way is using me or another spiritual healer to assist you with clearing & releasing them.

I have years of extensive experience and I also include the four categories of Clearing, Releasing & Removal of Discarnates, Entities & Earthbound Souls with all of the Divine Light Alchemy Quantum Vortex sessions I offer.

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