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Many Experience Life Long Abundance & Prosperity Struggles.

ancestral lineage poverty patterns

Which is why there are thousands of books, tools, techniques and even movies, on the subject of abundance, prosperity, money and success, and they all claim to have the best way or solution to show you how to manifest your money desires.

Over the years, I too, have accumulated quite a library on the subject.

Have you tried any of these popular favorites?

Affirmations – Law of Attraction
Goal Setting
Vision Boards

I could add many more, but I think you can relate to what I am saying.  I’m also sure that if you are reading this, you are still struggling with achieving the results you had hoped for and searching for a solution.

In my experience, with any of the many categories of abundance issues, in order to generate more money into your life, the first key step is to research, disentangle, delete & clear all of your soul programming, limiting belief patterns, ancestral programs.  Until you address those at your core level, and become strong to having and receiving money with total ease, you can use all of the techniques and still remain stuck in the same limiting results. Along with increasing the energy locking in the core soul programming of “Let Down” “Not Deserving” “Not Good Enough” & “Disappointment.” Yet another deep rooted geometric matrix, that requires strengthening.

Discovering The Root Cause of Your Struggles With Money

Whenever doing a session with a client, for whatever health, money or relationship, issues or challenges, I rely on the many spiritual, vibrational and alternative systems I have learned over the years.  I start with disentangling, deleting & strengthening all of the primary Yuen Method Triads, Hexagons, Octagons & Pentagons.

One of them is the Life Foundation Trinity, which includes Relationships and Health. It is important to remain neutral, strengthen the core foundation components and most importantly realize “it is never what we think the problem is”. We are a Divine Matrix and everything connected and corresponds with each other.  A money issue may really have its’ primary weakness with health or a relationship with someone or something.

Once that has been done, I then begin utilizing all of my other techniques to clear, heal and transmute whatever else is contributing to the root of your issue. Although I start with an in-depth spiritual clearing & healing to address all past life, karmic, ancestral patterns, belief systems, programming. I will also recommend any physical body requirements like diet, hygiene and lifestyle as well.

As I mentioned, no matter what you primary issue of challenge is, that brought you here, we all have our own unique package of patterns, programs & limiting belief systems. I often perceive common past life & ancestral programs that require research, disentangling, clearing & healing for every money challenge. Clearing the past life traumas associated with all of the categories associated with having, receiving, & accumulating and money has the potential to provides a dynamic shift in a person’s life.

On a daily basis, I’m always using my skills to perceive the energetic blocks that are really creating the challenge. Since we seem to learn through pain, I’ve perceived many traumatic scenarios, and I’ve even compiled my own reference guide to assist me while clearing any & all challenges for clients.  Basically, I’m searching for any past life where you experienced an intense experience, harm or death, which then sets up a trigger program with the potential to kick in, often when you are close to repeating that traumatic incident this present lifetime.

They can show up in a myriad of different ways, from a simple stress or anxiety or an unexplained fear, to an all out financial crisis with devastating results. I often see fear of financial success and wealth as often as fear of failure and poverty. It is all energy of past life karmic & ancestral programming.

Some of these money beliefs & programming also fall into the category of Benefit Programming which are in basically programmed to trigger a reaction in you which will essentially keep you safe from repeating whatever caused you harm the first time.

Stuck in a low paying career, not receiving what you deserve, may be linked to a large number of Past Life Ancestral Religious Beliefs & Vows associated with money. An unexplained stress & overwhelm with having & receiving money, may be have root core programming caused by a traumatic past life experience where you were wealthy, and then you lost everything in the  stock market, were swindled or robbed & killed, in a past incarnation.

karmic past life trauma with money

ancestral lineage energy of victimization









Clearing Struggle and Poverty Consciousness

These are just some of the traumatic scenarios associated with Money, Abundance, Success & Wealth I’ve perceived & cleared.

Ancestral Programming, Patterns & Limiting Beliefs

The Ancestral Clearing is another deeper level of Past Life Clearing, Forgiveness and Healing and delves deeper into the negative traumatic past life experiences, karma, illnesses, fears & phobias, beliefs, and limitations of our Ancestors that has been encoded into our DNA. Resolving and releasing ancestral lineage energy

When you consider everything our Ancestors endured during the historic events and disasters over the decades, it is a gift to not just us, but to them to clear all of this density.

My new awareness and the results clients are experiencing since I began to include this in all of my clearings is remarkable.


Other People’s Energies

in resonance with other people's money issues

We are all “Psychic Sponges” and what you may not have realized, we are taking on “Other’s Energy” often without even knowing it.
A feeling may come up and we instantly misidentify it as ours and take it on. Maybe you were happily walking down the street or shopping at a busy store, and for some unknown reason, you begin to possible feel anxious or maybe depressed. You just took on someone’s emotions!


clearing unwanted energetic resonances

This is why I teach a several simple technique I learned several years ago and use them often.

The first is “Return To Sender.”  For every thought, feeling, & emotion that comes up, simply ASK, “Who does this belong to?”
If you perceive a shift and a lightness, it wasn’t yours. Then you say, “Return To Sender. That is a quick & easy way to release whatever the energy was and it also doesn’t allow it to stick with you building up density.
This also works with a pain that you may have taken on from someone. Just ask the same question.

The second technique for
Closing & Breaking a Negative or Unwanted Resonance.

clearing unwanted energetic resonances

Often, we take on the energetic resonance of another person,
experience, place, morphic thought forms, etc., without even realizing it.

When you have just been triggered by an event or have reacted to something. This is a quick way to stop the mental spiral and step out of the mini morphic field that was created.
Say Disentangle, Delete, Reintegrate & Align to (Wholeness, Happiness, Joy, etc.)
Another great addition would be to print out an image of someone like an Ascended Master, or anyone that has a high vibration.
View the image and bring your awareness to that person’s image, feel yourself coming into resonance with their higher vibration and consciously command to disentangle, detach & close the channel of the negative energetic resonance.     

While In The Womb

Another example of ways people take on “Other’s energy” is while they are in the womb.ancestral inheritance patterns taken on while in the womb

Whatever events that were going on during a woman’s pregnancy have the potential to be taken on by the unborn child. There are so many things that a mother could be feeling during her pregnancy, apprehension about finances, not being supported by her husband,

While doing a session,we will uncover the details, that if a client’s mother was feeling fear, stress, anxiety, betrayal, anger and/or being unloved, some of those limiting emotions will be energetic blockages in their first chakra, all of which were taken on while they were in their mother’s womb.





The “Other Energies” Category

This is a very large category and some that are included are collectiveclearing unwanted energetic resonances influences, morphic fields, archetypes, personalities, the energy of your environment, your school and work environment, neighborhood, any pets you may own, spirit attachments, and your descendants, other’s descendants.

The lightness achieved by disentangling, deleting and transmuting these energies is profound, and in itself can provide a life changing experience.



ancestral genetic programs and beliefs

ancestral lineage poverty patterns








Although I have covered many of the primary areas I know to address during a clearing & healing session, there are many more items that I have not mentioned, but also include in all of my sessions. Always remember, you have your own unique Soul programming and patterns, so it is all about you and I will ultimately clear what you require to achieve your desires.

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