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Auric Field Clearing

Our Aura is more important to your physical health than you may think!

The aura consist of multiple bands of energy called auric layers or auric fields. These fields not only encompass the body but every living organism on earth.

Energy, or life force prana flows throughout the fields at different levels of intensity and has a pulse, very much like a heart beat. Within this auric field is something that spiritual healers call a morphic field.

This field actually works as a database, storing information from all of our past lives. There are programs within this morphic field that instructs our bodies on how to behave, or on how not to behave. Similar to the intelligence of a computer.

The Auric Energy Fields are highly complex and very changeable. They appear as layers of fluid energy in different colors around our physical bodies. Our health, our mood, and our thoughts at each moment affect the colors and shapes of our aura.

When we are feeling peaceful, calm, and happy, our Auric Energy Fields could be seen in beautiful violet, indigo colors, for example, with nicely balanced rainbow like shapes.

If we are experiencing an illness, however, there is often a breakage in a particular spot on our Auric Fields, indicating that our healthy Auric Energy flow is blocked on the particular area, and as a result, it causes an imbalance in our Auric Energy Fields.

When we go out to the public places, such as our work or stores, without knowing it, we are automatically exposed to other people’s emotions, negative ones included (such as envy, sadness, anger, jealousy, lust, hatred, etc). Without realizing it, you may pick up these negative emotions from others, even if they are not intentionally released. As a result, we feel like our energy is drained.

The Auric Field

The electromagnetic fields can be thought of as an interlocking set of high frequency “force fields,” each responsible for the correct functioning of a particular gland, meridian, organ, emotion, etc. Although I will focus attention on the electromagnetic fields, it should be remarked that as the chakras align with these fields in order and number, many of the same observations may also be applied to the chakras. The auric fields, combined with the system of chakras, form the human bioenergy blueprint that can be envisioned as an electromagnetic grid a hologram of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines of force.

There are many things that can damage the auric field creating holes or weak areas where spirits may penetrate the fields… It’s also possible to invite beings to attach consciously and there are certain activities that may create a vulnerability leading to possible attachment. These activities can include surgery, drunkenness, drug use (legal, non legal), anesthesia, physical trauma, emotional trauma, extreme stress, depression and grief. With organ transplants, it’s possible to carry the spirit whose heart you’re received, or take on an entity that was previously attached to the heart’s owner. Any sort of Spirit Communication without the proper grounding and protection can also create a vulnerability not just using an Ouija Board.

Cords are the most prominent form of STDs. Our auric fields consist of numerous bands or layers of energy that vibrate at different frequencies. When we interact with people, our auric field can also take on another person’s energy, and often we misidentify it as ours.

Energetic Traumas

“The pain we have repressed started very early in our childhood, many times even before birth, in the womb. Each time since early childhood when we have stopped the flow of energy in a painful event, we froze that event both in energy and time. That is what we call a block in our auric field. Since the auric field is composed of energy consciousness, a block IS frozen energy consciousness. The part of our psyche associated with that event also froze in the moment we stopped the pain. That part of our psyche remains frozen until we thaw it out.”

What is The Solution?

“Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Session

Debi Rose “Divine Light Alchemy” Transformations

Although the Ultimate Auric Field Clearing used to be listed as a session available for a separate purchase, I realized that I have always been Divinely guided to include it in all of the Quantum Vortex sessions I’ve done for years.
It is a vital first step and everyone’s Auric Field requires clearing.

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